Introduction to Floral Sketching $45

Sketching is one of the most basic forms of art. It is essentially the first step before you paint or colour.

In this beginner friendly course to floral sketching, Mimi will guide you on how to sketch a beautiful Cosmo Flower.

Besides teaching the basics of floral skecthing, she will share her favorite art materials and teach you how to incorporate them into your journaling.

Watch your sketch slowly bloom into a beautiful Cosmo when you finish the course!


Meet Your Teacher

Mimi has been doing art in several forms since she was a kid. She is a software engineer by profession and an artist by passion. She sees art as an expression of the beauty in life. Line art has been one of the art form closest to her heart. She lovingly incorporates them in her journals.

Besides art, plants are also one of Mimi's greatest passions.

Instagram: @mimiguille


What to Expect

Are you ready to embark on a new adventure?